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Tailored Mental Wellness

Therapy & Speaking for Personal Empowerment and Measurable Growth


Dr. Desiré Taylor

Psychologist & Speaker.

I am a licensed psychologist who wears many hats including therapist, speaker, wife and mother. At the end of our time together, whether in a therapy session or at the end of a workshop, you should be able to say that you invested in your wellness while I served as a guide in that process. The outcome should be clear examples of personal empowerment and measurable growth. I provide evidence-based treatments for those pursuing therapy. Science and research guide my work, but I believe healing can occur in many ways. Culturally responsive care is a priority. In all of my roles, I strive for authentic connection.

 University of Texas at Austin

Located in Dallas, Texas

Private Pay
"Out of Network"

Virtual Care
Therapy by video in multiple states

Medical Challenges,
People of Color



I offer virtual and in-person therapy sessions. These sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly. 


 I offer talks, workshops, and group facilitation virtually or in-person. 




"I strongly recommend Dr. Taylor as a highly capable therapist. My situation involved the confluence of three of life’s difficult challenges and she was very helpful in listening and guiding me through a treacherous period.  She demonstrated wise counsel in a professional approach and she recognized when I had progressed satisfactorily to terminate care.   She’s a five out of five stars." 


"Dr Taylor has helped me understand why my body or thoughts respond the way they do. I've learned to ask myself thoughtful questions when I feel any kind of negative or confusing emotion. I have clarity that makes it easier to navigate life. I don't know how I would have endured the past couple years without her guidance, especially when covid hit. As I continue to work with her, I've gradually become confident and self reliant with my decisions. I have learned to evaluate on a deeper level to understand my own needs and boundaries. Before seeing Dr Taylor, I let others control and manipulate my life. I am much healthier, mentally, than I have been."


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Taylor for therapy several years now, and she’s helped me through some monumental life events. I was diagnosed with breast cancer as a young adult, and her experience with cancer and chronic disease patients has been invaluable to my journey. It’s been years since finishing treatment, but I’ve continued sessions with Dr. Taylor monthly. She is very skilled professionally, but most importantly, she leads with sensitivity and compassion. I leave our conversations feeling empowered and equipped with a fresh perspective.”

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