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Quality sleep is a basic human need and without it everything, I mean everything becomes much harder. If we struggle with sleep for long enough, it can have a meaningful impact on our work, schooling, parenting, intimate relationships, and zest for life. If you are experiencing difficulty falling asleep, frequent wake-ups, early morning awakenings, and unrefreshing sleep, you may benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia or CBT-I. CBT-I with a trained therapist as your guide has been proven to be very effective at treating insomnia. 


I have been fortunate to train with the biggest leaders in the field of insomnia treatment and CBT-I. I have seen the life changing impact of CBT-I on my patients and am passionate about making this treatment accessible. Through the process of CBT-I we will take a structured, but compassionate approach to addressing the factors that continue to make sleep hard. We will work towards changing your relationship with sleep, so you can break free from your reliance on sleep medications, naps, and keep the 2 am anxiety spirals at bay.

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